Explore he city that bears past, present and future at the same time.
Explore the various destinations of Turkey and Turkish culture.
Let the fun and adrenaline filled activities be a part of your unforgettable memories.

Bowling Night

Bowling makes Fridays more fun! Gather your team and join our Bowling Tournament for a fun night. There will be mystery prizes for the highest team score, highest individual score and even for the first strike! 


What is better than a movie night when you want to have a chill evening with your friends? Sit in a comfortable seat, enjoy some popcorn and snacks and tune out for two hours because brings you Movie Nights on a regular basis. Here you can enjoy new and classic movies ranging from comedies, action films and even Turkish movies (of course with English subtitles).


Treat yourself to a very competitive paintball tournament. For the ultimate adrenaline rush and day full of adventure in the nature, you are all invited for a paintball tournament with This fun game will help you enjoy your day with your friends, meet new people and improve your team building skills, quick thinking and coordination.

The Turkish Bath

Would you like to experience one of the oldest traditions of Turkish culture? 
Did you know Turkish baths were a place where muslim women could socialise with their friends outside of their home sphere? Did you know they used to look for suitable matches for their sons or celebrate special occasions? Did you know men also gathered at the baths for bachelor parties and religious festivals? As an essential part of everyday Turkish life, the Turkish baths are still a place for social interaction. If you are looking for a “wellness”day, Turkish baths are the places to be. For a relaxing and cleansing day, you can enjoy a steam and scrub, bubble massage, oil massage, herbal therapy, sauna, clay mask and many other treatments.

Turkish Night

Have a night out like a Turk! Drink Raki, eat delicious Turkish full course meals, mezes (hot and cold Turkish appetizers) and desserts while watching the exhilarating belly dancers’ show. There is no doubt that such a night will make you feel at home in Turkey.

Whirling Dervishes

Having been influenced by the Turkish culture and customs, the Sema Ritual began in the 13th century with the inspiration of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi and his philosophy. Rumi believed that the purpose of life was to purify oneself from the material desires. Sufism focuses on self-discipline and responsibility and seeks for universal love, worship of God, tolerance and personal and community development. With this philosophy, Whirling Dervishes spin in a circle representing the human being’s spiritual journey which connects the mind, heart and body.