Explore he city that bears past, present and future at the same time.
Explore the various destinations of Turkey and Turkish culture.
Let the fun and adrenaline filled activities be a part of your unforgettable memories.

Art of Architect Sinan Tour

The architect Sinan who lived during the Rising Period of the Ottoman Empire is not only regarded as the most important architectural genius of the Ottoman Empire, but also the Islamic world. Like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, Sinan was an engineering and artistic genius and left many masterpieces. During the tour you will not only get information about the work of his architecture, but also get information about the social and political events which influenced his works. Starting in Besiktas Sinan Paşa Mosque, we will see Suleymaniye Mosque and Madrasa, Sehzadebasi Mosque, Kılıç Ali Paşa Mosque and Hamam in Tophane, Mihrimah Sultan İmaret in Üsküdar and Rüstempaşa Madrasa in Eminönü.

Bazaars, Khans, Traps Tour

Istanbul was not only the capital of the Ottoman Empire at the time, but also the most important commercial center of the Middle East. We will start our tour by visiting the khans in Eminönü, Tahtakale, Sirkeci and learn about their importance in the Medieval Economy and the daily life. After visiting the Egyptian Bazaar, as a second part of the tour, we will travel over the Galata Bridge to Karaköy and visit the khans in Perşembe Pazarı region.

Golden Horn

Golden Horn is a major urban waterway and the primary inlet of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, which played a major role in the development of İstanbul as a trading center. Nowadays, the Golden Horn is settled on both sides and there are parks along each shore. The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce is also located along the shore, as are several Muslim, Jewish and Christian cemeteries. Other institutions along the Horn’s banks include museums, congress and cultural halls, supporting facilities of the Turkish Navy and campuses of various universities. Our tour will start from the Unkapanı Bridge and finish in the Eyüp District. Whilst on the way, we will see the churches, city walls, mosques, shrines and other historical monuments.

Historical Peninsula (the Old City) Tour

The most important historical monuments of Istanbul, the capital of many different civilizations for centuries, are collected in the historical peninsula. During this full-day tour we will visit Topkapi Palace which was the headquarter of the Ottoman Empire, The Blue Mosque which is the most majestic worship center of the city, the Hippodrome (Sultanahmet) square where the horse races took place during the Roman Empire and the Basilica Cistern, which is probably the most magnificant structure of the Byzantine Period from the 6th century.

Islands Tour

Within reach of the city are four out of nine small islands, accesible by ferry and no further than 3-4 kilometers away from the city’s Asian side. During the Byzantine period, princes and other royalty were exiled on the islands and later members of the Ottoman sultans family were exiled there too, giving the islands their present name. They were taken by the Ottoman fleet during the siege of Constantinople in 1453. During the nineteenth century, the islands became a popular resort for Istanbul’s wealthy, and Victorian-era cottages and houses are still preserved on the largest of the Princes’ Islands. If you would like to spend a day away from the city life, the islands offer you a great escape with its spectecular views, horse carriages, bike tours, beautiful houses and a table by the sea with delicious fish and traditional mezes.

Ottoman Palaces Tour

After Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Constantinopole and made the city Turkey’s capital, the city began to be decorated with palaces that are worthy of the sultans. We will visit Topkapi Palace , Dolmabahce Palace , Yildiz Palace, Ihlamur Pavilions and Aynalıkavak and get information about the glory of the Ottoman Palace life.