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Accommodation Reservation

At, we provide incoming students with accommodation services, before and/or upon arrival to Turkey. We lend a hand to our students and their parents to search for the perfect accommodation in accordance to their budget, location and other personal preferences. This will create a comfortable environment for the student, allowing him/her to settle in their dormitory room/apartment upon arrival.

Airport Transfer

In order for students to begin their journey on a pleasant road, with our qualified personnel, we welcome our incoming students and their parents at the airport and set up a transfer to their place of stay.

Health Insurance Application

Health insurance is needed in order to begin the residence permit process. Once the student pays the corresponding fee of the health insurance (differs according to age), we will take care of the necessary steps that follow in order to complete the health insurance procedure.

Opening a Bank Account

Most students want to open a bank account upon arrival to Turkey but find it difficult. Our team will assist the student in relation to opening a new bank account in Turkey.

Residence Permit

We know that it is not easy to come to a new country! Because of this, our team will be in charge of applying online for the student’s residence permit. Following this, we will provide transportation to the student for their interview at the Istanbul Migration Office and back to their place of stay.

Student Transportation Card

Another benefit that will provide you with is arranging an online appointment for the student to pick up his/her public transportation access card. This allows them to use public transportation at a cheaper price.

Tax Number from The Tax Office

According to the Turkish law, a tax number is mandatory before starting the residence permit and health insurance process. At, we provide the students with transportation from their place of stay to the tax office and back.

University Registration

We will provide transportation from the students’ place of stay to the university for the University’s registration process. We are at your service through the whole process.

For detailed information and prices, please send us an e-mail: